Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

SLOVENIAN.com has been in existence since 1999. It started as a magazine combined with Slovenian language courses, continued as a Slovenian translation service and is now transforming to become a magazine for and about the Slovenian community around the globe.

At the moment, Slovenian communities in Slovenia and abroad are facing many challenges. Slovenian people in Slovenia are in the middle of a severe economic crisis, those living in other countries around the world are facing other issues. In Australia, the Slovenian population is ageing; most organisations are progressively becoming dysfunctional and unable to adjust to new circumstances; new migrants are arriving and choosing not to engage with the community, and the second generation Slovenians are keen and interested in everything Slovenian but do not speak the language and are thus left with little opportunity to become involved.

The SLOVENIAN will address many of these issues by providing interviews, articles, discussions and opinions, always with the view of looking at issues from as many different angles as possible.

The SLOVENIAN is seeking to engage everyone: your views, suggestions and comments are always welcome.

The principles of engagement are integrity and fairness. The SLOVENIAN is firmly committed to these principles.

The SLOVENIAN is a Slovenian magazine in English. Contributions will be published in English. The reason for this decision is the wider audience it is trying to reach, including Slovenians who do not speak the language and anyone else interested in Slovenian issues.