Corruption again - EU Anti-Corruption Report

The European Commission published its first EU Anti-Corruption Report yesterday. In its summary for Slovenia, it states:

"Slovenia has been among the most active of the Central and Eastern European states in the fight against corruption, with a well-developed legal and institutional anti-corruption framework. However, recent years appear to have seen a decline in the political drive against corruption, amidst allegations and doubts about the integrity of high-level officials (Highlighted by M.C.). In this report, the European Commission suggests that Slovenia should apply dissuasive penalties to elected and appointed officials for when requirements to disclose assets and conflicts of interests are breached and take further steps to strengthen accountability standards for elected officials. The Commission is also suggesting that Slovenia should safeguard the operational independence and resources of anti-corruption bodies and prosecution services specialized in combating financial crime . Slovenia should also strengthen anti-corruption mechanisms concerning state-owned and state–controlled companies, as well as around public procurement and privatisation procedures. More efforts can be made to ensure effective supervision of party funding.
Alongside an analysis of the situation in each EU Member State, the European Commission is also presenting two extensive opinion polls. More than three quarters of European citizens, and a full 91 percent of Slovenians, agree that corruption is widespread in their home country. Four percent of Europeans, and three percent of the Slovenians, say that they have been asked or expected to pay a bribe in the past year."

In plain language, corruption in Slovenia is widespread and worsening, especially among high-level officials, which is something that 91 percent of the population perceive as true.

And what are the government and Slovenians doing about it? Talk about it to create the impression that something is happening. Organise fake demonstrations??!

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