Kurentovanje 2014

If you feel homesick and miss the arrival of spring in Slovenia, you can join Kurentovanje celebrations at different parts of the world:

In Ptuj, Slovenia, there is an International Carnival Festival  from 1 to 4 March. The main parade will take place on 2 March. The Festival is traditional, this year it is organised for the 54th time.
This year the organisers are expecting 4000 masks from Slovenia and Europe. According to the Festival website, the carnival attracts 120,000 visitors.

You can enjoy some of the action by visiting the Kurentovanje website.

Kurentovanje is not organised only in Slovenia. In Cleveland, USA, the largest Slovenian city outside Slovenia, the second annual Cleveland Kurentovanje Festival will take place on 1 March. It was well attended last year and attracted a lot of attention from the local Slovenian community and other Clevelanders. This year the organisers are expecting the festival to grow.

You can read about this event here.

Traditionally, kurentovanje, pustovanje and similar carnivals take place at the end of winter to celebrate the arrival of spring. In Australia we can enjoy the fun and the masks but must accept that autumn rather than spring is around the corner.

Photos courtesy of  kurentovanje.net.

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  1. Thank your for your coverage of our event! Hope to see you at Cleveland Kurentovanje this Saturday!