How to get from Venice to Ljubljana

  1. Venice, Italy
    2 hours 24 mins
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    242.0 km
    From: Venice, Italy To: Ljubljana, Slovenia
    8.9 km

    97.7 km

    48.7 km

    1.1 km

    1.9 km

    11.8 km

    65.6 km
    1.2 km

    550 m

    42 m

    2.6 km
    1.2 km
    400 m
    190 m
    130 m
    8 m

The travelling season is fast approaching. If you are considering a trip to Slovenia and wish you could make good use of suitable flights to Venice (or Munich or Vienna), you might find useful different options that are now available to get you from these airports to Ljubljana and Slovenia. The trip from Venice to Ljubljana was kindly researched by Greg and Ronalee Kodric, owners of   

Journeys by train are one of the highlights of commuter travel in Europe due to the extensive networks and the efficient service provided by most countries. So a trip from Venice to Ljubljana would seem to be as easy as drinking a nice mug of Illy, right? Think again. The ongoing political "issues" between Italy and Slovenia since Slovenia's independence has meant that the number of direct services between the two countries has dwindled to zero. That's right, not a "toot-toot" to be heard between Trieste and Sežana for quite a while now.

Talks of a high-speed link between Italy-Slovenia and Croatia seem to have stalled and the differing rail gauges between the countries certainly doesn't help the cause either.

So how does one get from Ljubljana to Venice or vice-versa?

Glad you asked. There are a few options available and it's not that difficult if you do a little research and forward planning.

Option 1
Take the GoOpti shuttle service from Ljubljana to Venice or vice versa. The journey is fairly quick and as direct as possible; however, you may have to stop en-route to pick up other passengers.
There are also different fares available that vary in price depending on whether you can wait for others or want to leave at an exact time.
This option is gaining in popularity as people want to save time versus waiting for public transport.

Option 2
Hire a car with pick up in Ljubljana and drop off in Venice or pick up in Venice and drop off in Ljubljana.

Option 3
Take a train from Ljubljana to Sežana. From Sežana there are several buses (or taxi) to Trieste. Then train onward to Venice.

Option 4
Take a bus from Ljubljana to Nova Gorica. Then bus or taxi across border to Gorizia Station and train onward to Venice.

Option 5
Transfer from Ljubljana to ferry pier in Piran for ferry journey to Venice.

Other options available include taking the daily bus service from Ljubljana to Trieste and then onward by train (hours not friendly).
Taking a train from Ljubljana to Beljak (Villach) in Austria, then bus to Venice (3 countries in one go, not bad!).
Another option when the tram is repaired is train to Sežana, taxi to Opčine (Villa Opicina) and funicular tram to Trieste. Train to Venice.
A few changes but you might enjoy the vintage tram ride when they finally repair it.

So there you have it, Ljubljana to Venice in a nutshell (or a few of them!)
Of course, reverse the process if travelling the opposite way.

Greg and Ronalee are happy to provide further details if you need more information.


  1. thanks great info, wish all posts were so informative.

  2. Do you have any car services you recommend?


  3. As far as I know, there is still no direct train service between Ljubljana and Venice. You can find different options here:

  4. This may be a dead discussion, but I still would like to hear suggestions for hiring a car to drive from the Venice Marco Polo airport, leaving the car in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The online car rental I checked did not seem to want to leave the country.

    1. I came here looking for the same thing. I'll be visiting Italy and Slovenia. When in Slovenia I want to have a car but I can't rent car in Venice and drop off in Ljubljana because international one-way fee is 1500 euro (crazy!). Best I can come up with is this..."Go Opti" shuttle from Venice to Europcar car rental in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Rent a car in Nova Gorica then drop off at Ljubljana airport when you leave. Hope that helps!

  5. how long is the ferry ride once you are on it?