Opening of the Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia in Melbourne - Response

The Slovenian received an open letter from Anita and Andrew Fistric of Melbourne regarding the controversy at the opening of the Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia in Melbourne, Victoria. Their views are shared by many members of the Slovenian community in Melbourne and as such represent an important contribution to this issue.

It seems Mr Erjavec has his facts wrong. Just to correct or clarify statements made by Mr Erjavec in RTV Slo about the incident; "Erjavec je ob tem opozoril, da odprtje konzulata ni bil zaprt dogodek"; correction - attendance at the opening ceremony was by invitation only. It was clearly stated, a number of times, to both of us, by persons that were invited to the official opening of the Victorian Consulate that "it was by Invitation only".

Also it was publicly stated by the priest to the whole congregation at the Slovenian church  in Kew on the Sunday prior to the event (2/3/14), that "attendance was by invitation only." The priest could confirm this. Again a number of people/witnesses that were in the congregation could confirm this.

Nevertheless,  we wish to also comment that even if they (Ambassador and Slovenian Government) wish to deny and lie by saying he was not invited and it can't be proven beyond reasonable doubt that he was invited, you cannot deny that Nicholas Oman was in attendance (according to photos)And should have been questioned and politely asked to leave at the door/gate. It stands to reason that if it was announced publicly at Mass that it was  by "invitation only" and taking the statement by Balazic that Mr Oman wasn't invited, it clearly indicates the lack of professionalism and lack of protocol by Mr Balazic in attending to this matter. Not to mention the disrespect to the guests who attended. The protocol was not followed as he should not have been allowed to attend and should have been asked to leave (that is of course assuming they did not want him there). But instead, according to witnesses, he was also at the celebration afterwards held at the Slovenian club in Diggers Rest!!

THIS IS PATHETIC!!!! That our Slovenian community has stooped so low with this Ambassador!!!!
That the abovementioned statements are even being put to the community as reasonable excuses for his attendance at this official function is laughable and at the same time distressing as our Melbourne community leaders have done nothing other than say it was all done by Canberra and would not condemn the Ambassadors actions. The Melbourne community organisers would not have done even that much, had they not been asked to make a statement about their level of involvement.

What is so abhorrent is that this man has come out of nowhere, that this man has been given this official invitation when we could name hundreds of individuals in the community that certainly deserved to be invited before Oman. Whatever the politics in Slovenia,  the Slovenian community in Australia does not deserve the disrespect shown by the Ambassador and the so-called leaders of the Slovenian community in Victoria.
But more importantly, Australia does not need these sort of people to be given status opportunities in the Australian community either. With this country working hard at investigating the whole sexual predatory industry in Australia in the form of the Royal Commission etc., it is even more astounding that this sort of thing is still happening.  The  Slovenian and Australian community deserves and demands better representation.

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