Father Ciril Božič's reponse to Anita and Andrew Fistric's open letter

the second paragraph states:

“Also it was publicly stated by the priest to the whole congregation at the Slovenian church  in Kew on the Sunday prior to the event (2/3/14), that "attendance was by invitation only." The priest could confirm this. Again a number of people/witnesses that were in the congregation could confirm this.”

I have to add to this that one word only is missing but it gives the sentence "by invitation only" a slightly different meaning. The word that I used and is missing here is "PROBABLY" (Slovenian word "VERJETNO" - I spoke in Slovenian).

It was a matter of guessing and not knowledge. I was guessing aloud as I never saw or heard any public invitation to the Opening of the Consulate (I received my printed invitation on 21 February 2014). For this reason I said among announcements about the Opening of the Consulate that this was PROBABLY an event that required an invitation, but I wouldn't know! 

I should also add that I am still not aware whether this was an invitation only event or was perhaps possible to just come and attend. I never asked about this anybody present there.

With the greeting of St Francis of Assisi: Peace and good!

Fr  Ciril A. Božič OFM OAM

Kew, 3 April 2014


Just read pater Ciril's comment in Slovenian.  Yes, it is true he did say   . . . menda samo s povabilom, but he then looked at someone in the congregation to his left and asked if that was so.  This person must have nodded his/her head because he then added, it is by invitation only.

Needed to be cleared.

Anica Markic

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