Joze Ramuta of Geelong reponds to the interview with Sandra Krnel

I fully agree with Ms. Sandra Krnel, regarding the future of our clubs. It is sad that the Australian born Slovenian generation is either not interested, or just simply too "busy" to get more involved. It is inevitable that the day will arrive, when the hard decision will have to be made - sell the properties and cease to exist, or do some soul searching and continue, but in a different way - "not the old fashioned one". We will have to accept that the Slovenian language will hardly be spoken in the future, however it will be nice, if the tradition and culture continues. We may hear a future leader say, when addressing his members, something like this: "Da nas bodo oldies lažje understandali, moramo začeti špikati po Slovensko"

I would also like to see that the new migrants from Slovenia would visit clubs and get acquainted, rather than feeling unwelcome, as was an expression from a lady, who settled in Canberra and felt "unwelcome" at the Canberra club. I am sure the members of the club there are a friendly group of people.

Last year I had a pleasure to attend a gathering of the members of Slovenian club "Slovenska Miza", which is situated in Seattle - Washington State. I arrived there with a friend and of course I felt most welcome. The president is a young lady, who arrived from Slovenia and settled there not so long ago. I think their club has a future.

After all, it was the first generation of migrants, who established and built the clubs. All we expect from the future generations is to maintain, continue and preserve.

In conclusion, it is up to the members of our community - first, second and third generation to make our clubs succeed.

Together we can do it!

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