Open letter from Stan Prosenak of Melbourne

Australian Slovenian community is outraged – We are not the simple people they make us out to be

Firstly I congratulate Mr. Alfred Brežnik and all other Slovenians for their courage to put in writing what a lot of Slovenians know and believe to be the truth. Allow me to add my disgust and disappointment at what happened at the opening of the first Slovenian Consulate in Melbourne.

The shameful report/explanation received from Minister Karl Erjavec of the conclusions reached by the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia that there is nothing wrong if Mr Oman was present at the opening of the Consulate! The finding is an insult to the Slovenians in Australia. Anyone with half a brain can see that the findings, as reported, are a sham and a cover up of some kind. It is ridiculous to suggest that there are political forces driving the campaign to discredit ambassador Balažic. This is just not true. There is no political organization of any persuasion in Australia. We are individuals with high morals and a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.

The quote in the magazine ‘Reporter’ published in Slovenia says it all ‘'To je sramota in ponižanje slovenske skupnosti … pravijo Slovenci”.  

Ambassador Balažic maintains that he did not invite Nicholas Oman to the opening of the Consulate in Melbourne. All evidence, published to date, tells a different story. There is enough evidence in Mr. Brežnik letter to the minister to sink the Titanic.

My question to the ambassador Balažic and minister Erjavec is; how did a person of such ill repute like Nicholas Oman got onto the list of people considered as worthy and respected guest to be invited to such an important function in the first place? All discussions about protocol and who sat where don’t provide an answer to the question. Why was Nicholas Oman considered in the first place?

There are many distinguished and honorable Slovenians in Melbourne who should have been invited to such an important function as the opening of first consulate of Republic of Slovenia in Melbourne, Australia. 

All of the Ambassador's and the minister’s explanations to date don’t make sense.
I believe Mr. Balažic and his political supporters in Slovenia are covering up something which would, if it became public, embarrass Ambassador Balažic and probably Government in Slovenia.  The shameful decision to exonerate the ambassador from any wrongdoing is just not acceptable.  

I do agree with statements made in a number of articles on the subject that this thing is much greater than it looks on the surface. It appears that the Republic of Slovenia does not care if its highest representative in Australia makes up stories as he goes along and makes liars of good, honest and honorable people that speak up and ask questions and want to know the truth.

It is obvious from contemptuous statements made by Ambassador Balažic and his bosses in Slovenia that they underestimated the intelligence of members of the Slovenian Community in Australia. The matter Oman - Balažic will not go away, unless resolved honestly. We are not just poor illiterate emigrants. 

Nicholas Oman is not welcome in the Slovenian Community by majority of Slovenians in Australia. Ambassador Balažic no longer deserves respect and is no longer welcome in our community because of his contemptuous attitude and demeaning of Slovenian community in Australia.

Ambassador Balažic must go, support the petition for his recall.

Greetings to all, 

Stan Prosenak

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