Petition of no-confidence vote in Dr Milan Balazic

by Anita and Andrew Fistric

The petition wording is a no-confidence vote (from the wider community) in Dr Milan Balazic and his actions in relation to the official opening of the Slovenian consulate in Melbourne on 7th March 2014. His deception on this day and further to that, his continuing deceit at the follow up meeting of the Committee on Foreign Policy on 16/4/2014, has made his return untenable.

The main purpose for this petition was to demonstrate to the MZZ, Diplomatic Inspector and every member of the Slovenian Committee on Foreign Policy (of all sides of politics in Slovenia) that this issue disgusted and outraged a larger section of the community than the Slovenian government and committee thought.  Some people are prepared to voice their outrage and disapproval by writing letters but others who feel the same prefer to express their anger via a prepared petition.

We have collected more than 170 signatures so far but with more coming every day. 

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