Response to Mr Brežnik's letter from Mr Miha Vrhunec, Head Diplomatic Supervisor at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of RS

Mr Brežnik sent his Open letter to Minister Karl Erjavec yesterday, 24 April, at 9.23 pm and received a reply from Mr Miha Vrhunec, the Head Diplomatic Supervisor, at 11:29 pm (Australian Eastern Time). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia needed only two hours and 6 minutes to dismiss Mr Brežnik's depiction of the events surrounding the opening of the Consulate in Melbourne with a letter that is offensively similar in its wording to the letters that the Head Diplomatic Supervisor sent to Mrs Anica Markic and Mr Vinko Rizmal when they described their respective involvements in the events.

The letter shows that the Ministry is not interested in establishing the truth. The whole investigation is apparently a farce. By desperately clutching to the question whether Mr Oman was sent a formal invitation or not, and at the same time dismissing all conflicting statement uttered by Mr Balažic as not important enough to be addressed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia has shown that they hold the whole Slovenian community, here and overseas, in contempt. 

Dear Mr Brežnik, 

I would first like to thank you for your letter with attachments which you sent to the Minister Karl Erjavec as well as for your willingness to assist in establishing facts in relation to the opening of the Consulate in Melbourne.  

With this I would like to inform you that the supervision ordered by the Minister was concerned only with establishing whether Mr Nicholas Oman was sent an invitation to the Consulate opening in Melbourne. I assure you that we thoroughly investigated the issue and collected evidence objectively and from a few sources as we also do in other cases. On the basis of objective facts and documentation available to us we did not find any evidence that the Embassy or the Ambassador Balazic invited Mr Oman to the said opening. In other case the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would take appropriate measures. 

In this our point of departure was the assumption that a person can only be accused on the basis of facts and evidence which in this case did not exist.

To you as well as to our fellow Slovenians who assisted us in the clarification of this in our view unfortunate event I wish to express my thanks for your cooperation. Believe me, it upset us as much as it upset you. We seriously considered all their statements and took them into account.


Miha Vrhunec 
Head Diplomatic Supervisor 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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