Ambassador Dr Balazic recalled

Mr Karl Erjavec, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, today announced that he will recall Dr  Balazic. In his statement Mr Erjavec said that Dr Balazic misled him regarding the depth and frequency of his contacts with Mr Nicholas Oman.

Ambassador Dr Balazic is no longer welcome in the Slovenian community in Australia. Minister Erjavec underlined, however, that good relations with the Slovenian community in Australia are very important to the Slovenian government.

Minister Erjavec has already informed Mr Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia, of his proposal to recall Dr Balazic.  According to Mr Erjavec, the President is in agreement with his decision.

Update (23/05/2014): The decision of Dr Balazic's recall is expected to come into force on 31 July 2014. On 22 May 2014 the government confirmed the recall and sent the proposal to dismiss Dr Balazic to the President for his approval.
Update (09/06/2014): President of the Republic of Slovenia Mr Borut Pahor signed the decision to recall Dr Balazic.

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