Majniška deklaracija 2014 - May Declaration 2014

8 May 2014
There comes a time when there is no more time for hesitation 

Almost one hundred years since the first May Declaration in 1917 and a quarter of a century since the second in 1989, Slovenians are experiencing new misunderstandings, provocations and open acts of hostility.  Groups and political patterns against which we rebelled in the period of Slovenian spring and independence have again started to operate from the background . We have become stuck in the transition to open and democratic society. This opens the question whether we are capable to efficiently manage our country. The international environment, especially to the East, is uncertain. Decades since the end of cold war, spent and outdated populist and totalitarian ideas have returned into our European region.

We are witnessing:
- economic struggling of hundreds of thousands of citizens;
- emigration of young and able people who see no future for themselves in Slovenia;
- inability of the government to solve economic and social problems;
- ever new taxes and senseless borrowing on account of the current and future generations;
- insensitivity of authorities who often make decisions with no feeling or empathy for the rights of citizens with no connections;
- deterioration in education and health care;
- political use of law enforcement institutions, mainly judiciary, against those who think differently;
- media lynches;
- spreading ignorance regarding spirituality and culture;
- contempt for the values of Slovenia's independence and civil and national awareness;
- loss of respect for Slovenia on the international stage.

Slovenians are capable to work differently and more. This obliges us to clearly express our will from which subsequent actions will follow in the future. There comes a time when there is no more time for hesitation.

We who sign this document declare that:

We want to live in a sovereign, democratic and economically successful state of the Slovenian nation in the European Union and NATO that:
- is based on respect for human dignity, human rights and freedoms and the rule of law;
- respects life, supports family, motherhood and fatherhood and ensures that young people can find themselves in it;
- is open to the search for the truth in history, cleansed of remnants of the totalitarian regime, committed to reconciliation, mutual understanding and cooperation;
- bases promotion in the workplace on measurable performance;
- promotes unbiased media reporting that respects facts which can be expressed through different cultural and ideological orientations;
- has a transparent voting system that allows for political stability and responsibility.

We want to live in a country which Slovenians and citizens living at home and abroad recognise as our home and our homeland.

You can sign Majniska deklaracija 2014 here:
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