Slovenia ranked 55 out of 60 on 2014 World Competitiveness Yearbook Ranking

IMD yesterday announced its annual World Competitiveness Yearbook Ranking for 2014. In assessing the competitiveness of a country, Switzerland based IMD looks at how well countries manage their resources and competencies to increase their prosperity. The rankings are based on over 300 criteria and on an exclusive IMD survey of 4300 international executives.

In IMD 2014 World Competitiveness Yearbook Ranking, Slovenia is ranked 55 among 60 economies. It has lost three places since 2013 and leaves only Bulgaria, Greece, Argentina, Croatia and Venezuela behind. Among other countries of interest, Estonia is ranked 30, Kazakhstan 32, Czech Republic 33, Lithuania 34, Latvia 35, Slovak Republic 45, Romania 47 and Hungary 48. Interestingly, international executives' perceptions of Slovenia as a place to do business are not quite as gloomy as the overall rankings and place the country in 45th position.

The top three positions are taken by the USA, Switzerland and Singapore; Australia is in 17th place.

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