How to vote in early general elections on 13 July 2014

By now you probably have received your voting kit which includes: 
  • URADNA PRAZNA GLASOVNICA - this is your ballot paper;
  • Envelope marked 'ZA GLASOVNICO' - for your completed ballot paper;
  • Document with your personal details ('VOLILNA KARTA');
  • Second envelope addressed to Drzavna volilna komisija.


1. Fill in the ballot paper ('URADNA PRAZNA GLASOVNICA')

Enter the name of your preferred party OR, if you wish, you can enter the name of your preferred candidate from the chosen party. Please note that the candidate must be from your electorate ('volilna enota' AND 'volilni okraj'). Lists of candidates in each electorate are available from Drzavna volilna komisija website.

You can can choose among the following parties  (the list is not supplied):

2. Put your completed ballot paper in the envelope marked 'ZA GLASOVNICO'

3. Sign, fill in the place and date in the document with your personal details ('VOLILNA KARTA')

4. Put 'VOLILNA KARTA' and the sealed envelope containing your ballot paper in the big envelope addressed to Drzavna volilna komisija

5. Send

You can send the whole package either to Slovenia or to the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Canberra, 26 Akame Circuit O'Malley ACT 2606

Make sure you send the package off before 12 July!  This is the last accepted date on the postal stamp. Your ballot paper must arrive in Ljubljana by no later than 21 July 2014.

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