Slovenia has new Prime Minister

Photo: Borut Peršolja
Mr Miro Cerar has been sworn in as the new Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia. He will form the new government in the next two weeks with his left-wing coalition partners DeSUS and SD.

In his speech, Mr Cerar rejected any suggestion that he won illegitimate elections as claimed by Janez Janša's party SDS and presented general principles that should guide his new government. Slovenia has all human and other resources to become a successful country, he said. The new government should inspire trust in public administration by respecting the rule of law and basic values. According to Mr Cerar, all citizens should be aware that the rule of law is an important social value.

"Respect for the rule of law means that the economy and the banking sector have instruments in place that prevent transgressions. The rule of law means that public tenders and public institutions in general are free of corruption. The rule of law means that within the framework of constitution and laws judiciary is independent and autonomous."

The opposition now unites parties as diverse as radical left Zdužena levica; Zavezništvo Alenke Bratušek; and Nova Slovenija and SDS as the two right-wing parties. With the exception of ZaAB, the new opposition members of the National Assembly did not give their support to the new Prime Minister. Their main objection is that Mr Cerar in his speech did not offer any specific and quantified measures that should take Slovenia out of its current crisis.

As a matter of our local interest, Slovenian weekly Reporter brought news of the recalled ambassador Balažic who was seen seated at the table with other prominent members of Nova Slovenia who participated in a debate at the recent party meeting in Radenci. Milan Balažic allegedly joined the party in January this year despite, or perhaps because of, his former membership in the Slovenian communist party and close relations with Milan Kučan.

Nova Slovenija seems to be a party of interest for many, including the new Prime Minister Mr Cerar who was visibly disappointed when NSi decided not to join his coalition. Mr Cerar who is currently the most popular Slovenian politician in all opinion polls has been recently at great pains to present himself through his former wives and his current partner as a practising Catholic.

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