Slovenian physical education teacher Metod Klemenc behind International Children Games

Lake Macquarie will host the International Children Games, a member of the International Olympic Committee, in December 2014. The ICG are the largest youth games in the world. Young athletes aged between 12 and 15 years will come from all over the world to compete and make friends with their peers in Lake Macquarie.

The Games started in 1968 when physical education teacher Metod Klemenc organised the 1st International Children Games in Celje with participants from Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Croatia.

Since that time, the Games have been organised by many cities around the world, including in Logrono, Spain; Szombathely, Hungary; Hamilton, Canada; Cleveland, USA; Bangkok, Thailand; Taipei, Taiwan, among many others. This year, the Games will take place in Lake Macquarie, Australia, for the first time.

The Games are not only about sport, they are also meant to facilitate friendship and cooperation among children from diverse cultures.

For the Games in Lanarkshire in 2011, Metod Klemenc, the father of the Games, gave an interesting interview (in English).


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