Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

The Slovenian is celebrating its first anniversary as an independent online magazine. It has grown from an unknown website on the net to a magazine with a loyal following from Australia, Slovenia, the USA and many other countries around the world. 

The main reason for its success are you, dear readers, and your willingness to participate as interviewees or commentators. Your contributions make this magazine really interesting. 

Let me take this opportunity to invite you again to become more involved: please tell us your story - tell other Slovenians, wherever they live, about your life. All your stories are invaluable: about your contributions to the community in Australia, your adventures on the way from Slovenia, or your struggles when trying to settle in this (or any other) country, regardless of the time of your arrival. Mind you, those who are migrating now have equally interesting stories to those who arrived fifty years ago!

Even though many among us migrated a long time ago, we mostly still have quite strong feelings for Slovenia. We wish it well and want it to be a good and happy country. For me personally it is painful to see so many injustices, lies, fraudulent actions and corruption happening there. If you wish to express your views about the state of affairs in Slovenia, this magazine would like to hear from you too!

To contribute a story, an idea for a story or your comment please contact: metka@slovenian.com. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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