The EU says 'No' to the former prime minister of Slovenia

Alenka Bratušek, former prime minister of Slovenia, nominated herself while still holding her former position to become the next Slovenian commissioner in the EU Commission headed by Jean-Claude Juncker. The EU delegates, however, overwhelmingly rejected her bid to the position with 112 votes against and only 13 in her support.

The EU Commission is the most powerful institution in Brussels and its 28 commissioners, one from each member state, draft laws and policy for the EU. The Commission chief, Mr Juncker, was concerned with the number of women in his government and nominated Ms Bratušek to the position of a vice-president for energy. 

Ms Bratušek appeared at a hearing on Monday in which she was expected to provide her plans and vision for the reforming and reorganising Europe’s energy policy into a new European Energy Union. Unfortunately she failed to convince the EU delegates that she was competent and able to provide leadership in such an important portfolio.

The new prime minister Mr Miro Cerar promised to respond to this embarrassing situation by nominating another candidate within three days. AFP mentions Violeta Bulc as the likely candidate.

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