Youth Concert in Melbourne

Last Saturday the Slovenian Catholic Mission in Melbourne, Victoria, hosted the 40th Slovenian Youth Concert. This year's slogan was 'Slovenian at Heart'.

The program was opened by Father Ciril Božič, Head of Slovenian Mission in Kew. In his speech he expressed his desire shared by the Slovenian community in Australia to connect the new and the old generations. "Young people are our wings, older ones are our roots.Without wings and without roots we don't know who we are and where we should go," he said.

Father Ciril's speech was followed by the screening of film "40 Years - Turning Back the Clock" and 26 performances by young and not so young singers, dancers and guitarists, pianists, flutists, etc.

A visitor from the audience commented: "My congratulations to all young performers: they were well prepared and offered a diverse program, including playing different instruments, such as the guitar, the keyboard, the harph, the flute, the piano, to classical ballet, modern ballet, solo singing and dancing to Slovenian folk songs in national costumes. They offered us rich and proud performances - they are the future of Slovenians."

Father Ciril Božič and Mr Alfred Brežnik (Photo: Florjan Auser)
Young performers in national costumes (Photo: Florjan Auser)

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