Constitutional Court annuls judgement in former Prime Minister Janez Janša case

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia unanimously decided that the judgement in the Patria case against former Prime Minister Janez Janša was unconstitutional. According to the SDS website, it "found clear violations of the Constitution and the violation of the right to a fair trial." Judgement states that "no individual can be sentenced for a supposed act that is not defined by a law as a criminal act." 

In other words, former Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition Janez Janša was charged and subsequently imprisoned for no apparent reason - one month before general elections in 2014. The Patria case was assessed and judged at different court levels by eight judges who all eagerly sentenced him without any evidence of wrongdoing.

It is now not only apparent but also proven that Janez Janša was sentenced for political reasons by biased judiciary with extensive help from equally biased mainstream media.

Something is rotten in the state of Slovenia.

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