Gorenje is back to Australia!

Yesterday I found an interesting advertisement in my email box: I was offered a $100 voucher with every purchase of Gorenje appliances (which can no longer be called white goods!). Gorenje is back to Australia!

When I first moved to Australia in the 90s, I got myself a second-hand Gorenje washing machine. It had its quirks: when spinning it ‘walked’ and if I opened the front door when it stopped working I had a flood in the laundry. It took me a while to learn that when it stopped I had to manually start the spinning cycle to complete the process. But actually it was quite a good and reliable washing machine and served me well for almost seven years when the seal needed replacing and nobody in Sydney could do it. By 2000, Gorenje no longer sold its washing machines on the Australian market.

Now Gorenje is here again. They have their Australian website and apparently their products are sold only online.

In the last twenty years, Gorenje has come a long way: their appliances look modern and some of them come in a range of colours: orange, red and black washing machines and condenser dryers definitely look different! The Australian consumers will decide whether they want their laundries painted red or not, but the news that Gorenje is back is very good.

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