Referendum on Marriage and Family Relations Act - Only one day left to notify Državna volilna komisija of your intention to vote by mail!

Slovenia will hold a referendum on the amendment to the Marriage and Family Relations Act on 20 December 2015. The amendment proposes some major changes to the way family relations are regulated.

Please note that if you are a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia who does not reside in Slovenia and are unable to come and vote at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Canberra on 20 December, you can vote by mail only if you notify Državna volilna komisija by tomorrow, 4 December 12.00am  (5 December 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time) that you wish to do so.

You can notify Državna volilna komisija of your intention to vote by filling in the relevant form available here:

The completed form should be:
 - faxed to: + 386 1 43 31 269, or
 - scanned and sent by email to:
-  sent by mail to: Državna volilna komisija,
Slovenska cesta 54, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, 

This is how you fill in the form:

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