Update on the Slovenian Lawn Extension at Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney

Letter by Mark Stariha

Dear fellow Slovenians,

It is with great pleasure that your Rookwood committee comprising of p.Darko Žnidaršič, Mr. Mark Stariha, Mr. Alfred Brežnik, Mr Joe Zele, Mrs. Olga Lah and Mr Antony Tomazin can announce successful completion of negotiations for the extension to the Slovenian Lawn cemetery area at Rookwood.

Slovenian Lawn Extension Agreement Signed

The agreement was signed on 5 June 2015, Lauren Hardgrove signing for Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, and p.Darko Znidarsic and HC Anthony Tomazin signing for the Slovenian community.  There are 2 original signed copies, one being retained by Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, the other being held by p.Darko at St Raphaels Slovenian Mission. 

Importantly, in the agreement, ‘Scope’ is written as follows, “This agreement outlines the landscape design and associated works CMCT will undertake for the extension of the existing Slovenian Lawn 2 and allocation of approximately 480 additional graves for the sole use and benefit of the Slovenian Community.”, and ‘Costs’ as
“All works outlined in this agreement, will be undertaken by CMCT at no cost to the Slovenian Community.”

Work on Slovenian Lawn Extension area

Work on the extension area commenced on Monday 15/6.  When the extension area is completed, they will then level and returf all of the existing Slovenian Lawn 2.  Significant work has already been undertaken in the new extension area, with a border of trees and 2 concrete beams installed.  The garden around the small chapel has also been replanted. All work will be completed well before All Saints day.

New Plot plan for existing Slovenian Lawn 2

I attach a NEW plot plan of the existing Slovenian Lawn 2 with the new plots on the new beam extensions numbered, along with colour key. 
All yellow plots are available for immediate purchase.  The new plot plan for the new extension area will be available around November.
·        Yellow – means vacant
·        Black  - means the grave is full (you cannot put any bodies in the grave but you can still have cremated remains interred )
·        Dark green  - means that there is someone in the grave but there is space for more.
·        White and / – grave contains cremated remains
·        Light Green - Pre-purchased means that the grave has been purchased but nobody has been buried in it yet.
·        Light blue - Reserved means that someone has put a deposit to reserve the grave but it has not been fully paid for yet (so nobody is buried in it).
·        Red - Unusable

I take this opportunity to thank, in particular, Lauren Hardgrove from Catholic Cemeteries Rookwood, who was very focused on giving us a satisfactory solution.

Mark Stariha,
on behalf of the Slovenian Rookwood Committee